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Why are the coins not coming in our YOchain wallet on the same date which is mentioned in the statements?

Answer: The processing is 24 hrs from statement date.


Any news for Bittrex?

Answer: Our Development team is regularly in touch with Bittrex Management to comply requisite parameters and this is in the last phase of enlistment procedure.


I’ve heard that the company ordered the new site but has some problems in complying with agreement or payment. Where is the truth?

Answer: Our new marketing team is the developers building out a lot of our new features and developments. When working with the old developers and new developers things can get a bit complicated and cause unexpected issues.These issues have been resolved and both teams are working hard to get all things completed as fast as […]


What about shopping portal, when will that be released?

Answer: The shopping portal or YoBazaar is scheduled for official release 12 November 2016. YoBazaar will allow YOcoin members to earn more money by being a merchant and selling retail goods for YOcoin as well as “shop until you drop”. This shopping portal only accepts YOcoin for payment but has been built to function exactly […]


Has the travel portal been released?

Answer: Travel Portal is yet to be released. Its under testing phase and expected to be live by or before 15 Oct 2016.